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Georgianne Nienaber Banned from

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 11:39 pm    Post subject: Georgianne Nienaber Banned from  Reply with quote

Many of you are familiar with Georgianne Nienaber's first-hand investigative reports from Darfur and the Democratic Republic of Congo on the rapes and killings of women and children. In my opinion, Georgianne is one of the best, if not the top journalist in America today. Unfortunately, Georgianne has relied mostly on OpEdNews to publish her articles and for messaging friends, much in the same way that I used Care2 before I was suspended.

OpEdNews describes itself as a progressive website, but it is actually a Democratic cheerleader and gatekeeper site. I've had many run-ins with the owner, Rob Kall, in the years I've been posting there, first over the sexist, off-color jokes he used to post, then over a link he posted to naked females in sexual positions (He had asked for readers' opinions, he claimed it would attract non-progressive readers to his site, who might then decide to read progressive stories and articles, I responded that it had worked for Rupert Murdoch, who used to attract readers to his newspapers with pictures of scantily-clad females, Rob then posted three articles saying I was full of shit and then banned me from his site for about a year for comparing him to Murdoch. But Murdoch's ladies weren't naked. Of course later on Murdoch went on to own porn companies himself.), and most recently about a female who uses a porn avatar and was defending a sexual predator and describing his porn site which advertises the videos of her being whipped bloody, something she claims to enjoy without any regard to females who might not enjoy it and would be endangered because their male partners bought the videos and though they should.

Like most large websites, there are some favored people, in this case Rob's "senior editors" who are almost all Democratic Party loyalists, although personally I would call them Democratic Party operatives, and if you disagree with anyone in their inside clan, you're banned. If you've read my bio, you know that's how it is everywhere except on small websites owned by females. The Republican Party owns the mainstream media, and the Democratic Party owns the major websites of the alternative media. They're a team.

At any rate, Georgianne criticized OEN coverage of the Palin pregnancy. Rob asked if it was appropriate for them to cover the story and most people agreed, but a few, including Georgianne, said no. Most of Gerogianne's comments were deleted, I believe, and she was banned from the site. When I looked this afternoon, there were 13 headlined articles on their home page, and 9 of those articles were about Palin's pregnancy.

Georgianne is in Africa right now and has limited communications. I tried to message her on opednews and got a notice saying "this person has been banned." Georgianne wasn't even aware that she'd been banned. She has limited communications and Africa isn't the safest place in the world, so I sent the following letter to Rob:

Subject: Are you sure you did the right thing?

Hi Rob--

I just noticed that Georgianne was banned.

Are you aware that she is in Africa, that she had set her email to send out an automated reply and was relying on opednews private messaging to contact friends, and that Africa happens to be a very dangerous part of the world?

I do not question your decision to ban her. I question only the timing. I'm sure that if (God forbid) something happened to her and she was not able to contact anyone, you would feel awful.

Is there any possibility that you might reconsider and reinstate her account for a few days until she can notify friends and reactivate her email? I'm sure that she would agree not to post during that time, in return for your consideration.


Rob wrote back and said that if she sent him an email promising not to post anything, he'd let her access her inbox, but that the decision to ban her was made by female senior editorial staff. I guess there was no point in him informing them that they could be endangering her life, as they are all Democratic Party loyalists like Rob and thus have no regard whatsoever for human life. Their sole priority is getting people to vote, so that the two parties of genocide can remain in power and claim to have been legitimately elected. No in November!

Usually Rob and his site are open to other views, but close to elections he usually heavily censors and bans anyone who isn't a Democratic Party loyalist. Not too long ago he wrote and posted three separate articles calling anyone who didn't vote for Obama "psychotic." This is a guy who claims to be progressive and to oppose war, but yet he insists that anyone who doesn't vote for a candidate committed to war is crazy.

I don't know what Georgianne will decide to do. It is likely that prior to the election, anyone who isn't a Democratic Party loyalist will be banned from OpEdNews, including me and those of my friends who post there.

I would guess that Rob really does think of himself as a progressive, and may not even realize that he takes his orders from the Democratic Party's political operatives. I think they manipulate him quite cleverly, and probably give him a large donation whenever he needs it, to keep him toeing the party line. But he seems incapable of recognizing that females are entitled to the same respect as males, and are actually human, hence his inability to recognize that sexist, off-color jokes, naked ladies, and violent porn are not appropriate to a progressive website. If they draw in readers, he must see such things as helpful to the Democratic Party.

The websites with the most readers are NOT safe places to publish. We are reduced to electronic samizdat (the word for smuggled writings in the Soviet Union), small websites, private groups, and mailing lists.

Nothing has really changed in the 5,000 years since patriarchy began. Females are still considered property and can only advance by letting males whip them, either physically or psychologically, pretending to enjoy it, and criticizing or punishing females who rebel.

Here is the list of articles that Georgianne has published on OpEdNews:

And after all that, criticize Democrats in any way, and you're banned.

The reason that Rob and his staff are defending their coverage of the Palin pregnancy is that they "have to fight fire with fire." Of course they believe that in order to compete with the Republicans, they have to do whatever the Republicans do. That would be okay if they were actually an opposition party and didn't vote with the Republicans, give the Republicans whatever they want, protect the Republicans from impeachment, and as Clinton noted was a Democratic Party precedent when he did it for the previous Bush administration, grant full pardons to Republicans who need them. So while they see themselves as having to do what the Republicans do in order to compete with the Republicans, I see it as them doing whatever the Republicans do because they always do whatever the Republicans do, up to and including crimes against humanity.

As the later Walter Karp explained it in his book, "Indispensable Enemies," the job of the Republicans is to advance the far right agenda, and the job of the Democrats is to co-opt the left so that there can't be any effective opposition to the Republicans. That's how the two-party system rules. Georgianne is a person of conscience, concerned with alleviating suffering and trying to bring about peace in the world. I don't think it ever occurred to her that Democrats are fascists. She knows they vote to fund war crimes, but I guess she thought they did it absentmindedly without realizing what they're doing. They know. The war profiteering has made billionaires out of millionaires on both sides of the aisle.  

In Europe, where many countries have proportional representation and Communist and Socialist parties have seats in government (Sweden, for example thinks of itself as capitalist, while we call it socialist), nobody would consider the Democratic Party to be on the left. It is a party of the right. The fascists and patriarchs control the world, and we're lucky if they let us pass a kite from once prisoner's cell to another in between "elections."

But when he asked, Rob found that 64% of his readers do not identify as Democrats. They're just afraid to post or comment, the same way that most people on any large website are afraid to post or comment. They see what happens to the people who do.

Welcome to the land of the banned, Georgianne!
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 6:30 am    Post subject: Heartless and regardless Reply with quote

Often when men get power it goes to their heads and obviously this has happened to Mr Kall.Yet I feel he still isnt satisfied with his position as he  still needs to prove his authority it seems to others as why else would he pop up and ban Georgianne?(he "didnt"know her geographic and personall situation?).
Still its very good and good of you Mark that you have contacted him about his decision to treat Georgianne in this way and at least he knows he will have to stand up for his deeds every time he shouts"off with his head"!.Sorry meant to say every time he "snaps his fingers"!.I just seemed to mix him up with the Queen of Spades(?)in the Story"Alice in Wonderland"for some reason!?.(well it certainly wasnt the Queen of hearts!).
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 12:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There is no political left in the U.S. The Democratic Party is corporatist/fascist and anything to the left of it is considered to be unacceptable, particularly this close to a sham election. So anyone who posts real news instead of campaign spam, or who cares about human rights, is either banned or under heavy attack preparatory to being banned on all the "left gatekeeper" websites, which are actually Democratic Party propaganda websites.

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