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I was just banned from opednews
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 3:37 am    Post subject: Interesting.  Reply with quote

It seems that the diary that got me banned is still visible but only if you know where to look for it. It is no longer listed on the front page with the public diaries, but it still can be viewed and posted to as a personal diary.

Here's the link:

So, if any of you feel like getting banned, you can post a comment there. Something like this would probably do the trick:

Mark cannot respond. He was permanently banned from opednews.

This was, according to Rob, a top-down decision made by Rob and the eight members of the senior editorial staff and cannot be appealed. In other words it was made by the highest echelon of the opednews editorial class.

If you look at Mark's post, you'll see that Rob's ultimatum was posted as an addendum to Mark's diary itself, rather than as a separate comment.

So at least eight of the things that Mark wrote have been proven true:

1. Opednews is a top-down rather than a bottom-up system.

2. The editorial class is all-powerful.

3. Editors can and do post comments contradicting a writer's article as addendums to the article itself.

5. Rob did say that Mark was "full of shit." Mark's statement above says, "So he posted a piece entitled, if I remember correctly, "Mark Smith Is Full of Shit." Even if Mark did not remember correctly, and even if that was not the title of the article, Rob did say it and post it publicly.

6. It is up to the editors to decide what is and isn't a personal attack.

7. Innocuous remarks, if not deemed sufficiently obsequious towards the editorial class, such as calling an editor "kid," or pointing out that a technique used to attract readers by a progressive editor or site owner was also used successfully by a right-wing editor, can be and have been interpreted by the editorial class as personal attacks on them and severely punished.

8. Blatant, vicious, nasty personal attacks by the editorial class and their cronies on less privileged writers, such as saying that a writer is, "stupid," "delusional," a "moron," or "full of shit," can be and have been allowed rather than being penalized by the editorial staff, despite the fact that anyone who calls themselves an editor should be capable of recognizing them as personal attacks.

Also the correct link for the Photos That Cost Miss Nevada Her Title article is:

And although Rob said that Mark had six hours in which to respond, Mark responded well within that time limit, did post the link, and was banned anyway, a full two hours before the time limit had expired. So even Rob's statement that Mark had six hours in which to respond, turned out to be untrue.


If you do decide to post there, please feel free to post whatever you wish. You can use my words (but don't credit me or they'll be angry, as I'm banned and not supposed to post there), change them around and make them your own words, or write something totally different in your own words. But do keep in mind that whatever you write, it is likely to be interpreted as disrespectful towards the editorial class and will probably get you banned.  


The best way to do it, if you decide that you want to, would be to open the article in two separate windows or tabs, post your response in one of them, preview it, and then, before you click "post" or "submit," refresh the other window to make sure that nobody else has done it first.

In order to post the correct link to the Miss Nevada article, you have to type "Photos That Cost Miss Nevada Her Title," then select those words. Once the words are selected, the link icon above the posting box will become visible and a little box will pop up where you can put the link and then click "insert." When you preview the article, the words should be in blue and underlined, and you can check to make sure the link works.


And if Rob asks you how you know that I was banned and how you know exactly how the decision was made, tell him that you learned that I was banned when you tried to send me a personal message, and that a friend of yours (no names, but it was our own dear Sara!) said they had written to Rob to ask why I'd been banned and gotten that response from him.

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